What is Dental Plaque?


dental plaque bacteriaAre you sure you want to know? Dental plaque is a sticky biofilm formed by bacteria that builds up on your teeth. When you look at it under a microscope, you will see multiple organisms swimming around, just like in the picture above.

In an unhealthy mouth, there will be larger numbers of organisms and more activity. You may also see red or white blood cells, which are signs of infection.

Cleaning your teeth removes the biofilm and limits the ability of bacteria to build colonies on your teeth. Your daily brushing and flossing is the first line of defense and your dental hygienist will take care of the areas where the plaque has calcified into tartar.

So, if you ever want to skip brushing your teeth or a visit to your dental hygienist, just picture all of those little bugs having a field day in your mouth.  Ewwww!

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