8 Ways to Soothe Sensitive Teeth

woman eating ice cream with sensitive teeth

Having sensitive teeth can keep you from feeling your best and enjoying foods and drinks you love. There are many things that can cause tooth sensitivity and many possible solutions.

Here are some simple things you can try that often help.

  1. Use a soft toothbrush
  2. Avoid acidic foods
  3. Reduce stress to prevent teeth clenching and grinding
  4. Brush and floss regularly
  5. Try a toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth
  6. Get a dental nightguard appliance for tooth grinding
  7. Use fluoridated toothpastes and rinses
  8. See your dentist to check for cavities, nerve exposure, and other dental problems

Seeing your dentist is important if simple home remedies don’t help or you haven’t been to the dentist in over a year. We can help you feel better and start enjoying your favorite foods again. 

If you are in the Knoxville area and would like help with dental sensitivity, other dental challenges, or preventive care, we would love to help.

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