Could You Be at Risk for Oral Cancer and Not Know It?

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When you think about risk factors for oral and throat cancer, you probably think about smoking.  Yes, tobacco in any form puts you at a high level of risk, but there are other factors that are just as dangerous, such as:

  • HPV virus
  • GERD or acid reflux
  • Chewing tobacco
  • Heavy alcohol use
  • Smoking
  • Poor oral hygiene- lack of dental care
  • Medications that impact your mouth or immune system
  • Chronic irritations from rough teeth, dentures, or appliances

Oral cancer screening is a routine part of your dental care here at Knoxville Family and Sedation Dentistry.  If you have not had a recent oral cancer exam, please do so.  It could save your life.

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Are You at Risk for Oral Cancer?

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Oral cancer is one of the deadliest cancers because it is often found at a late stage. People are more likely to die of cancers in the mouth or throat than cervical cancer or melanoma.

Understanding the risk factors is the first step in preventing this disease and staying healthy.

  • Smoking
  • HPV virus – a sexually transmitted disease
  • Excessive sun exposure to the lips
  • Chewing tobacco
  • Long term chronic GERD or acid reflux
  • Heavy alcohol use
  • Chronic irritations from rough teeth, dentures, etc.
  • A weak immune system
  • Poor oral hygiene – lack of dental care

If you experience a sore that doesn’t heal, chronic sore throat, difficulty swallowing, a growth, or lump in your mouth, please come in so that we can evaluate it. Catching oral cancer early can save your life!

Treatment for oral cancer includes surgical removal of the affected area (sometimes disfiguring or life changing) and possibly radiation or chemotherapy.

Your dentist is the first line of defense against this terrible disease. We do an oral cancer screening with every exam and encourage you to have them at least yearly. 

Oral cancer screenings save lives! Will yours be one of them?

If you are in the Knoxville area give us a call to schedule one now. (865) 922-1613