Stop the Extraction Cycle – We Can Help You Get Your Teeth Back

We have been through challenging economic times and seen patients have to make tough choices about their teeth based on the cost of treatment.  The most common one is between saving or extracting a tooth.

Having teeth extracted without replacing them is a last resort option.  When teeth are lost, the neighboring teeth lose the support they need to stay upright and anchored in the bone.   They start to tip into the empty space where the other tooth used to be, exposing their delicate roots to infection and cavities. And, this is how the cycle of tooth loss begins.

No one wants to lose teeth, but if you have had to make that choice there are ways that the tooth loss cycle can be stopped or prevented.  We can replace missing teeth with dental implants, bridges made of crowns, or removable appliances called dentures or partial dentures.  By replacing teeth that were lost, you will stabilize your dental health and preserve your ability to eat for your life time.  So, when you can, don’t forget to come into the dental office and get the teeth you lost back.

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