Oral Sedation Dentistry – Safe, Easy, & Comfortable

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About 30% of the population avoids dental care due to anxiety and fear.  This not only jeopardizes their oral health, but puts them at risk for major diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

Sedation dentistry allows you to get the dental care you need while feeling relaxed and comfortable.

Oral sedation dentistry is safe and does not involve being asleep or require needles for IVs.  Patients report that:

  • They feel relaxed
  • Time goes by quickly
  • They are sleepy, but awake
  • They often forget the appointment later

Because patients are completely relaxed, the dentist can accomplish more high-quality dentistry in less time.  Sedation dentistry is also ideal for people who are challenged by a  gag reflex or who want to accomplish a smile makeover or extensive dentistry with as few appointments as possible.

If you or someone you know are avoiding dental care due to fear, anxiety, or time constraints, ask about oral sedation dentistry.  Not taking care of your teeth can be dangerous and may shorten your life.  Start getting the dentistry you need in a way that feels safe, comfortable, and right for you.

Oral sedation dentistry can help put a smile on your face again.

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How Do I Know I Need a Root Canal?

Common signs that your tooth may need root canal therapy include:

  • Throbbing pain
  • Swelling
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold
  • Tooth ache

Needing a root canal means that your tooth is infected, dead, or dying.  Despite their reputation, they can be pain free.  See your dentist quickly if you have the symptoms listed because they are likely to get worse.

Dr. Ron Smith has been doing root canals for years with great success.  He knows how to get the job done comfortably and get it done right.  If you have a problem tooth and live in the Knoxville area, we would love to help you.  Call us at (865) 922-1613

We Can Prevent Diabetes

Diabetes is an ugly disease.  It can lead to heart disease, kidney disease, blindness, nerve damage, and amputations.  No one wants that.

The CDC and American Diabetes Association say that diabetes can be prevented or delayed with their Small Steps – Big Rewards program.  Studies show that losing just 5-7% of your body weight, if you are overweight, can really make a difference.  They recommend doing this by:

  • Exercising moderately 30 minutes 5 times per week
  • Eating a diet based on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and lean meats.

We would add brushing, flossing, and seeing the dentist regularly to the list.  Scientists have found that problems with your teeth and gums are linked to diabetes and heart disease.

If you are in the Knoxville, TN area and would like to prevent diabetes by taking care of your dental health, call us at (865) 922-1613 for an appointment.

Stop the Extraction Cycle – We Can Help You Get Your Teeth Back

We have been through challenging economic times and seen patients have to make tough choices about their teeth based on the cost of treatment.  The most common one is between saving or extracting a tooth.

Having teeth extracted without replacing them is a last resort option.  When teeth are lost, the neighboring teeth lose the support they need to stay upright and anchored in the bone.   They start to tip into the empty space where the other tooth used to be, exposing their delicate roots to infection and cavities. And, this is how the cycle of tooth loss begins.

No one wants to lose teeth, but if you have had to make that choice there are ways that the tooth loss cycle can be stopped or prevented.  We can replace missing teeth with dental implants, bridges made of crowns, or removable appliances called dentures or partial dentures.  By replacing teeth that were lost, you will stabilize your dental health and preserve your ability to eat for your life time.  So, when you can, don’t forget to come into the dental office and get the teeth you lost back.

If you are in the Knoxville, TN area we would love to help you – (865) 922-1613

Mercury Free Dentistry

We have noticed that people with silver fillings seem to crack or fracture their teeth more often than those with other types of fillings.  Teeth can break at the worst times and usually need crowns and sometimes root canals to be repaired.  That can be pretty traumatic for your teeth and wallet.

mercury free dentistry KnoxvilleIt is possible that the mercury in silver amalgam fillings is the reason these teeth fracture more often.  Mercury expands with hot and cold temperatures.  That is why it used to be used in thermometers.  So, just imagine, tooth enamel trying to hold in metal that is combined with mercury and expands and contracts whenever you put something hot or cold in your mouth. It’s no wonder they break some times.

Our office is mercury free.  It just doesn’t make sense to put something in our patient’s mouths that might contribute to future problems and is known to be toxic. We use newer, more advanced materials that may actually strengthen your teeth instead of weakening them. They look nice too.  Now, we call that progress.