15 Motivating Reasons to Take Care of Your Teeth

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Brush – Floss – See your dentist regularly – and you will:

  • Have fresh breath
  • Enjoy whiter teeth
  • Avoid cavities
  • Save money
  • Look more attractive
  • Prevent periodontal gum disease
  • Diminish dangerous chronic inflammation
  • Need less dental work
  • Help prevent or maintain diabetes and heart disease
  • Keep your teeth
  • Smile more
  • Feel more confident
  • Be proud of yourself
  • Avoid dental emergencies
  • Protect the health of your unborn baby
  • Demonstrate good oral hygiene for your kids

Wow!  We could go on forever……

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Your 10 Step Guide to Preventing Cavities

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  1. Brush your teeth after eating sweet or sticky foods.
  2. If you can’t brush, chew sugarless gum or rinse your mouth with water
  3. Avoid sodas, sports drinks, and beverages with added sugar
  4. Beware of hard candies and throat lozenges that stay in your mouth a long time
  5. Brush twice a day and use floss or an oral irrigator daily
  6. Maintain a healthy diet and drink plenty of water
  7. Avoid foods that are sticky and will stay on your teeth
  8. If you drink a soda or something sweet, use a straw and rinse with water afterward
  9. Keep your mouth moist – dry mouth contributes to cavities
  10. See your dentist and hygienist regularly and let them know if you have any concerns

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5 Things You Should Stop Believing about Cavities

tooth cavities cavityYou Will Know When You Have a Cavity: Cavities usually don’t hurt until they are deep enough to get to the nerve of your tooth.  Other obvious signs are dark spots or crumbling teeth.  In most cases, though, you will not be aware of a cavity until it gets serious.

Kids Get More Cavities than Adults: Children who receive regular dental care usually have their teeth protected with sealants and fluoride treatments.  While, older adults often develop cavities when their gums recede, exposing new soft areas of teeth to potential harm.

If Your Tooth is Sensitive, You Have a Cavity: There are several many potential causes of tooth sensitivity, including damage to the tooth’s nerve, gum recession, tooth grinding, and broken or cracked fillings.

Aspirin Next to a Tooth Will Help a Toothache: Aspirin needs to be swallowed and enter your bloodstream to be effective.  You are better off taking aspirin the same as you would for a headache.

Gaps in Teeth Lead to Cavities: Areas with more space are easier to clean and less likely to trap food than tighter areas. Cleaner teeth means less of a chance for cavities.  It is the tight spaces between teeth that have a higher risk.

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Dry Mouth: Uncomfortable & Dangerous for Your Teeth

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You may think it is just about feeling thirsty or dry, but there are potentially serious consequences for having a chronically dry mouth.

Saliva neutralizes acids in your mouth and limits bacterial growth.  It also helps keep your teeth clean by rinsing away food debris.  When you have a shortage of saliva, your oral health can suffer.  The most common challenges are:

Increase in Cavities: Cavities thrive in a dry mouth.  The situation can be even worse if you are using sugary throat lozenges, gum, or hard candies to feel more comfortable.

Periodontal (Gum) Disease: When bacteria is not rinsed away by saliva it gathers into colonies and creates infections like gum disease.  Gum disease is the number one cause of tooth loss and has been linked to many life threatening conditions like heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and Alzheimer’s.

Halitosis: Bad breath is a common side effect of having a dry mouth that can limit your social and relationship confidence.

There are things you can do to protect your teeth and gums.  Be sure to:

  • Talk to your dentist and hygienist about your dry mouth.  They may have recommendations and suggest you come in more often.
  • Sip water regularly
  • Try sugar free options for throat lozenges or candies
  • Chew sugarless gum to help keep your teeth clean
  • Eat plenty of crunchy fruits and vegetables

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