Cosmetic Dentistry Can Increase Confidence, Happiness and Success

cosmetic dentistry in Knoxville

Providing beautiful new smiles for our patients is about more than just teeth. When we reveal their new smiles we can see our patients light up. Some even shed tears of joy.

We have witnessed the profound results a smile makeover can provide over and over again and it’s one of our favorite things to do.

Our cosmetic dentistry patients would tell you the benefits are not all visible on the surface. They would want you to know:

You Will Feel More Confident – Anything is possible when your confidence soars. Not having to be self-conscious about your smile can help you achieve more of what you want and feel good about yourself along the way. Just imagine nailing a job interview, approaching someone you are attracted to, or walking confidently into a room. It can all happen for you.

You Will Seem More Attractive, Approachable, and Professional – While we are not fans of judging people based on their looks, studies show that having a nice smile can help you give a great first impression.

You Can Feel Calmer and Happier – Smiles have super powers. They lower blood pressure and reduce stress as well as lift your mood. When you feel comfortable smiling more, you will be improving your health and enhancing how you feel.

Sharing Your Smile Will Help the People Around You – Smiles are contagious. When you smile at someone they are likely to start smiling too. Soon everyone will be sharing in the benefits smiling brings. There can be an endless ripple effect of happier, healthier people that all started with you.

If the appearance of your smile is preventing you from feeling good about yourself and interacting in the world in a positive way, give us a call. We can help.

Ron Smith, DDS – Knoxville TN – (865) 922-1613

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