Say “No” to Sloppy Dentures and Start Eating and Smiling with Confidence Again

sloppy dentures overdenture implant dentures

Traditional dentures rest on your gums and sometimes no matter how well they are made, they can start to feel sloppy.  If you have had dentures for a long time the ridge of gums can wear down leaving little for the dentures to hold on to. Denture adhesive may help, but not always or as much as you might like.

We can restore your ability to smile and chew with confidence again with snap on, implant supported dentures, sometimes called overdentures. 

Implant supported dentures are a great option for your first set of dentures or to replace ones you already have.

We start by placing dental implants to create a fully secure foundation for your denture. This can usually be done with mini implants allowing treatment to be completed very quickly and comfortably. If you are nervous about dental treatment, we can talk about the possibility of oral sedation dentistry to help make your appointment easier for you.

The actual denture will be made so that it snaps securely onto the implants and stays in place.  Nice and solid. Very comfortable. And, easy to remove and put back in.

With snap on dentures, you will be able to feel confident in social and dining situations and enjoy the benefits of a more beautiful and natural feeling smile.

Why keep suffering. It’s time to say no to sloppy dentures and give us a call to schedule a consultation for new, reliable and very comfortable snap on dentures.

Knoxville Family and Sedation Dentistry (865) 922-1613

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