Answers to Your Questions about Dental Crowns


dental crownWhat is a dental crown?

A crown is considered a major restoration that is used when less conservative treatment will no longer take care of your tooth.   It fits over your natural tooth creating a protective shield and holding it together.   The most common reasons for crowns include fractured teeth and large cavities or damage that undermine the tooth structure.  We save a lot of teeth with crowns and they generally last a long time.

Why can’t I just have another filling?

Fillings have their limitations.  They cannot support a fractured tooth or replace a cusp or corner that has broken off.  Tooth colored fillings will not work over large expanses and silver fillings may even cause fractures.   It is all about engineering and the characteristics of the materials available.

Why do you have to drill away so much of my tooth? 

There are two things that we focus on when preparing your tooth for a crown.  The first is to clean up any cavity or pre-cavity areas and remove old filling material.  Secondly, we shape the outside of the tooth to make room for the crown.   If we did not do this your crowned tooth would be too big and not fit in your natural bite.  Everything that is removed is restored with your crown and the end result will be a tooth that is strong, functions normally, and feels natural.

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