Say “No” to Sloppy Dentures and Start Eating and Smiling with Confidence Again

sloppy dentures overdenture implant dentures

Traditional dentures rest on your gums and sometimes no matter how well they are made, they can start to feel sloppy.  If you have had dentures for a long time the ridge of gums can wear down leaving little for the dentures to hold on to. Denture adhesive may help, but not always or as much as you might like.

We can restore your ability to smile and chew with confidence again with snap on, implant supported dentures, sometimes called overdentures. 

Implant supported dentures are a great option for your first set of dentures or to replace ones you already have.

We start by placing dental implants to create a fully secure foundation for your denture. This can usually be done with mini implants allowing treatment to be completed very quickly and comfortably. If you are nervous about dental treatment, we can talk about the possibility of oral sedation dentistry to help make your appointment easier for you.

The actual denture will be made so that it snaps securely onto the implants and stays in place.  Nice and solid. Very comfortable. And, easy to remove and put back in.

With snap on dentures, you will be able to feel confident in social and dining situations and enjoy the benefits of a more beautiful and natural feeling smile.

Why keep suffering. It’s time to say no to sloppy dentures and give us a call to schedule a consultation for new, reliable and very comfortable snap on dentures.

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Sedation Dentistry: A Solution for Dental Fear & More

man afraid of the dentist dental anxiety

Everyone deserves to have a beautiful and healthy smile, but for some of you fear of going to the dentist gets in the way.  We understand.  Helping fearful dental patients is one of our favorite things to do.

One of the most popular solutions we offer people with dental anxiety is oral sedation dentistry.  It can be as simple as taking a pill and there are no I.V. needles involved.  Our patients tell us they are awake and feel fully relaxed during their treatment. The time seems to go by quickly.  They are grateful for the experience of stress free dental appointments and proud of themselves for moving beyond their fears to become more healthy.

Some of the other benefits they appreciate about oral sedation dentistry are:

  • It is a time saver.  Oral sedation dentistry allows for longer appointments and most patients can have all of their treatment completed in one visit, saving time and trips to the dental office.
  • Dr. Ron Smith has the experience and skill needed to provide many procedures often referred out to specialists, resulting in the availability of more comprehensive dental care.
  • It is a great solution for patients with a strong gag reflex or disability.
  • In the long run, people save money because dental problems become more complex and expensive when neglected over time.
  • Even cosmetic dentistry patients love being able to relax during their smile makeovers.

We have a strong commitment to your safety.  Dr. Smith and our team have the required certifications to provide oral sedation dentistry and continue to take classes and updates as they become available.  If you are unable to come to our office, please be sure any dentist offering you sedation care has the proper certifications before allowing them to treat you.

If you are in our area or would like to travel to see Dr. Smith, we would love to help you move past your fears and enjoy better dental health with oral sedation dentistry.

Call (865) 922-1613 to learn more. We promise to take good care of you.

New Year Resolutions that Bring a Smile to Your Face


Seeing the dentist may not be your favorite thing to do, but choosing to take care of your oral health makes a wonderful  New Year’s Resolution.

Eating healthy and exercising are important health goals, but your teeth and gums impact your overall health and longevity in a big way.  Inflammation caused by dental problems contributes to major medical conditions like diabetes, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and cancer, all of which can shorten your life.  Dentistry is no longer just about teeth.

So, if you want to:

  • Keep your teeth and keep them healthy
  • Have a bright and shiny smile that you are confident sharing
  • Avoid the chronic infections like periodontal gum disease
  • Take steps that will improve your potential of living a longer life
  • Maintain your youthful look by refreshing your smile and protecting your health
  • Keep your breath fresh and your smile kissable
  • Help prevent major conditions like heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and Alzheimer’s
  • And, keep on smiling

Make seeing the dentist a part of your New Year Resolutions and schedule an appointment in January to get started.

Call (865) 922-1613 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ron Smith at Knoxville Family and Sedation Dentistry.  We promise to take good care of you. 

Rethink Your Drink: Six Dangers of Drinking Diet Soda

unhealthy diet soda and effects of soda on teeth

It looks good. And, it tastes good, especially on a hot summer day, but drinking soda is bad for your health.  It doesn’t matter what brand you drink or if it is diet or made with real sugar. They all come with related risks.

While diet soda may seem like a better option, a recent article in Prevention Magazine reinforced some of the surprising consequences drinking it can bring.

Depression – the American Academy of Neurology says that if you have more than four cans of soda a day you are 30% more likely to feel depressed.

Metabolic Syndrome – this is a group of symptoms including high cholesterol and belly fat that put you at risk for heart disease and other health challenges.

Kidney Decline – a Harvard Medical School study says drinking soda daily can double your risk of impaired kidney function.

Acid Reflux – Combining the acidity of cola with the bubbles in carbonation can be hard on your digestive system.

Stroke and Heart Attack – your risk increases 43% when you drink more than one soda a day.

Tooth Erosion – Both acidity and carbonation put your teeth at risk. Soda can eat away at tooth enamel and cause cavities. When an extracted tooth is soaked in soda for a few days it comes out damaged and almost black. No one wants that.

If you are a soda drinker, we encourage you to think carefully before your next drink. Cutting back or giving up soda may be much better for your health.

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Dental Holiday Gift Ideas


From Christmas stocking stuffers to dental care, we have some great holiday gift ideas for you.

  • Dental Treatment Gift Certificate – Many people are struggling to afford the dental care they need. Giving a gift of dentistry would be more meaningful than buying the latest thingamajig.
  • Toothbrush, Floss, and Toothpaste – try fun flavors or designs to make it more interesting.
  • Professional Level Electric Toothbrush – helping someone care for their teeth is also giving the gift of health.
  • Replacement Brush Head for an electric toothbrush they already own.
  • Dental or Smile Books or Coloring Books – here are some ideas.
  • Teeth Whitening – this can also be a gift that enhances confidence and self-esteem
  • Peace of Mind – make a payment toward their dental bill or pay the account off – this is also a great Secret Santa or Random Act of Kindness activity.
  • Gross Fake Teeth – kids really love these.
  • Gag Gifts – like these walking teeth make great stocking stuffers.

The most important thing of all is that we want to wish you Happy Holidays!

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Three Important Reasons Why You Should Replace Missing Teeth

tooth tipping

Tooth tipping into empty space. Image courtesy of Coronation Dental Specialty Group

Generally, when you have a tooth removed the dentist will talk to you about replacing it. At that point, spending more money and having more dental work done is likely the last thing on your mind. Some of you may even wonder if it is just a “sales pitch” so the dentist can make more money.

The truth is that replacing a tooth that has been lost is very important and protects your remaining teeth, as well as the joint that works your jaw. Here are a few of the reasons why you may want to take the dentist’s recommendations seriously:

Missing Teeth Put Other Teeth in Jeopardy: Dentists will tell you that when you lose one tooth, the neighboring teeth are likely to be next. Upper teeth will literally grow out of the bone looking for the missing tooth they were meant to chew against. Teeth on either side of a space where a tooth has been removed will tip into the space, pulling their roots out of the jaw bone. Your teeth all work together in a balanced system and replacing lost teeth will restore and protect that healthy balance.

Missing Teeth Can Cause TMJ and Joint Problems: Teeth that have shifted or are not in alignment can cause stress and strain on the joint that works your jaw. Patients with these joint issues often suffer with chronic pain and treatment can be complicated and expensive.

Missing Teeth Can Impact Your Health: Chewing is the first phase of the digestive process. When your food is not chewed properly you may not be able to absorb it’s nutrients and will be more at risk for digestive upsets.

Replacing missing teeth is easy with the many options that are now available:

We encourage you to restore balance to your mouth by replacing any teeth that have been removed. If you are in the Knoxville area, we would love to help you.  (865) 922-1613

We Can Help You Maximize Your 2017 Dental Benefits

dental insurance dentist Knoxville
Most dental insurance and flex plans have yearly allotments for how much they will pay. Generally, if you do not use your available benefits in any given year the money that was available to you will go away forever.

As we move into the final quarter of the year, we  recommend that you review your recommended dental treatment and remaining benefits available.  Doing so can help you get the most out of the benefits that you have paid for.

This is especially important if you have existing treatment recommendations, are prone to dental problems, or haven’t seen a dentist already this year.

Reasons to optimize your dental benefits by using the maximum each year include:

  • Not letting benefits you pay for go to waste
  • Preventing the risk of multiple emergencies and more out of pocket expenses by letting dental needs pile up.
  • Saving money on large or complex cases by starting them at the end of one year and completing them in January of the following year, resulting in 2 years worth of benefits for the treatment.
  • Having more insurance available the following year for unexpected needs or emergencies
  • Feeling good about receiving the highest level of benefits possible each year
  • Knowing you are on top of your dental care.

If you are one of our patients, we would be happy to review your recommended treatment and remaining benefits to help you maximize what is available for you.

If you are in need of a new dentist in the Knoxville area, we would love to meet you and provide a plan that optimizes your benefits and takes care of your dental needs.

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